Why become a mentor?

  • To give back.

  • To see what tomorrow brings by staying “in the know” of the cutting edge innovations and leading technologies.

  • To connect with the PACT and Ben Franklin community.

  • For Team Mentoring - Learn and socialize with peers. 

  • For a rewarding experiences - Satisfaction of helping entrepreneurs.

  • To advise without personal agenda.

  • For monthly meeting - build community and camaraderie.

  • Flexibility and formal process - All support provided by Mentor Connect staff for ease of scheduling and staying informed.

Mentor Qualifications 

  • Acceptance of Guiding Principles  

  • Significant and relevant experience 

  • Ability to advise and coach through constructive critiquing 

  • Has the time to participate – 1-2 days a month 

  • Comfortable with team mentoring 

  • Role model for mentees 

Why become a mentee?

  • Free coaching and expertise from seasoned professionals with relevant experience. 

  • Connections with new contacts 

  • Best practices, successes and failures

  • Education and networking with peers through a team of mentors

  • Flexibility and formal process - All planning and coordination provided by Mentor Connect staff for ease of scheduling and information

Entrepreneur Qualifications

  • PACT member entrepreneur 

  • Ben Franklin Portfolio company

  • Willingness to be mentored 

  • From all stages of development in the technology and healthcare industries